Hi, I’m Leezl (Lee), Owner and Creative at Graphic Girl Design.

I started my freelance career about 4 years ago, helping bring passionate blogging and business ideas to life by creating unique brand and website design for my clients.

My focus is to offer a no-fuss design service, to guide you through the overwhelm, and to empower you to grow your business with confidence.

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my journey to becoming graphic girl

I completed a B.Soc.Sci Degree in Media, Marketing and Communication and started work at an online marketing company in 2004. Being online back then put me at the forefront of, what was then, a newly emerging market. I then worked in London for a few years, freelancing (and taming the travel bug). On returning to South Africa in 2010 I joined a design agency started-up by close friends who are still my nearest and dearest. I then moved into another awesome marketing and design team at an online agency where I gained invaluable experience, and in 2016 I decided to spread my wings and start Graphic Girl Design. 

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