professionally launch, promote and grow your dream business today!

So, you’ve been wanting to start your own thing for ages, or get serious about your biz image, but you’re not quite sure how to go about it…

My step-by-step design process will help you launch your modern brand and WordPress website quickly, so you can stop over-analysing and start confidently promoting your business!

a brand identity that you can be proud of.

You know those dream websites and social media feeds that look as if the business owner is so cool, collected and in love with their business and life?

That’s the goal here for you! I’ll create your core business identity (logo, mood board, brand message) and share with you advice on setting it all up.

A Modern, Pro WordPress Website.

Your business is unlike anyone else’s, and that is key. It’s my passion to communicate this individuality through the design of your online space. 

The result is a beautiful, custom designed, fully-responsive website that will engage your ideal client. A bonus is that you will have access to edit the pages yourself using a visual drag-and-drop interface.

I speak all the pretty things, while handling the technical side, to get your polished brand and WordPress website live in 2 weeks!

“Hi, I’m Leezl, a Durban (South Africa) based Brand and Web Designer with 14+ years of brand development experience. I love to work with passionate entrepreneurs, giving you the motivational and creative support to successfully launch your brand!”